Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The gloves are off...

Reposting: (originally posted 8/28/07)

"A man of honor does not,... compromise a young woman by being her constant escort, and her's alone, for a long time, without having some serious intention. A man who will do this and then tell her of rumors of their supposed engagement which have reached him, at the same time disclaiming any motive except friendship, is not a fit "friend" for any girl; and one who has previously considered him a friend should not need further proof of the undesireableness of such friendship as he is capable of bestowing. The proper course for him to pursue would be to discontinue his attentions, or at least, offer them less frequently."

--Good Manners (Butterick Publishing Company: 1888)

I should be ashamed to admit this... but this post was delayed because I am hopelessly addicted to a reality show. Yes, I have fallen prey to Scott Baio is 45... and Single. Wow, how low can I sink...? Well, I must say, I was riveted until the very last moment of tonight's final episode, and wow, was it worth it! Please tell me I'm not alone...

Thanks to Diane's wonderful gesture of intellectual generosity, I am once again re inspired to try the gloves. While I am in peaceful North Carolina on vacation this week, I will attempt them again. Since this is a hand-sewing project, it is portable...

I'll be visiting the William Ivey Long exhibit I mentioned this week - can't wait. I'll report on it when we get back after Labor Day.

...And the dress is done! It really loses its magic in these rather drab pictures, so I can only convey how it makes me feel in words...

The dress is linen, and I'm a poor photographer, so the fabric really photographs as bumpy, and is hard to read, but here it is on me and on the dress form, since my figure is drastically different at the bust line. I love low cargo pockets - perfect for comfort and easy access.


  1. Very cute dress!

    I am addicted to Top Chef. I've never seen the Scott Baio show but I am glad to know a guy so cute is a couple years older than me!

    Most of the time I have no idea what they're talking about on Top Chef, but I can really relate to the meticulousness of the cooking. there are an infinite number of factors they must take into consideration....it's much more than the ingredients. Even humidity counts.

    I also have to confess a brief obsession with The Biggest Loser. I'm over that one, though.

  2. Mimi, such a beautiful dress! Linen is also a fave of mine, wrinkles and all.

    The only reality show I'm hooked on is Project Runway. Yeah, I know it's all staged but I have to watch it anyway!