Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Call it maturity, laziness, or a heightened sense or practicality, but I no longer have patience for temporary garments. I'm tired of trends, and, now I hear only one drummer. My own.

Forgive me for saying this, but an animal print is a statement, not a trend. So are loud floral leggings. And maxi skirts. Some clothing shouts. But if everyone shouts, no one is heard.

I have recently committed to paring down my wardrobe. I use that term generously, since what I have consists mainly of well-loved t-shirts, jeans, and some fun shoes. I want versatile things. Things I feel good in. Things I can wear on fat days and skinny days. Banned are the heavy wool turtlenecks that are only eligible to be worn on one of the three or so terrifyingly cold days each year. Banned are the "dry clean only" two-hour, special occasion garments that get slipped on in a pinch, and languish in the pile of "worn gently, but no place to go" purgatory.

I've got a stash that could supply all my needs, if I could just find the time to turn it into garments.

I'm adding myself and my family to my client list. That means I'll have to say "no" to many potential clients in the upcoming months. But that's okay.