Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Recently completed projects

No words, just pictures...

Inspiration for the "cradle" bag

The "cradle" bag

Pretty Little Liars dress for a Sweet 16 party

A wedding ensemble for the bride and groom, using pieces of the  bride's traditional Hanbok

Saturday, July 06, 2013

M&S Schmalberg Custom Flowers

I recently wrote the cover article for Vogue Patterns Magazine, detailing a great company, specializing in wildly beautiful, ornate fabric flowers. Grab yourself a copy and read it!

Monday, April 01, 2013

The perpetual shirt...

If my other blog landed you here, you've read the background of my "perpetual shirt", and you're here for the sewing info.  Not a significantly difficult process, really.  It is a simple, raw looking t-shirt, with zigzagged edges, made of a durable, quality knit.  Boldly written on the front, is today's date.  Or mostly any spring date I want until 2019, actually... But if I'm still wearing it by then... I'll need your help.

Did I use a pattern for the shirt?  No.  Just took my scissors and went for it.

So, how do I make the dates change?  Here's the inspiration:

Why?  velcro is too fluffy for the letters to sit flush.  But, if I do this...

By creating a velcro "grooves", I recessed the under layer (soft side) into the shirt, so that the letters could lay pretty flat against the surface of the fabric plaque. Now, I can make it almost any spring day I want... Why only spring?  I didn't want to buy and velcro too many letters, and I probably won't want to wear it in the summer (too hot) or fall/winter.

The "201" is permanent, but the other letters are all removable.

I am a professional collaborative dressmaker by profession, and would make you one, if you want one made... Keep in mind, though, that labor, planning, and materials make this quite a pricey t-shirt!  You can show this example to your own dressmaker or crafty/sewing person to do this for you, if you don't wanna drop a chunk of change.

Who would I imagine wearing this? Myself...

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I'm tired of people taking my pens...

I've got 100 of them... let's see how long that lasts!