Sunday, February 12, 2006

WAHM (Work at home Mom)

A blizzard. The perfect opportunity to update the blog...
Here's why I love working from home -- my children. I've got two beautiful kids, ages 4 years and 8 mos.

They are fantastic human beings, and I love that I can help support them by doing something I love, and am uniquely talented and qualified to do. They get a mother who is happy, focused, and involved. I get a flexible schedule and no commute. I know a lot of moms thrive on the adult interaction they get in an office environment, but I find it suffocating. Even before kids and marriage, I could hardly stand to be cooped up in an office for any period of time. It just isn't who I am. I work a heck of alot, and my lifestyle forces me to be insanely committed and organized, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Funny thing is, I look at my life since my daughter was born, and wonder how I would have maintained any successful 9-to-5 had I not chosen this path.

Here's the chronology:
Sept 11, 2001 - our city is severely impacted by the terrorist attacks. Subways, phones, communications all severly impacted. (I sew and design to relieve stress)
October 10, 2001: After a tough pregnancy, complicated by dehydration/severe hyperemesis, our daughter is born! (I started designing at night and during naptimes to earn money and relieve stress)
April 2002: My father is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. (I sew ALL the time to relieve stress)
June 2002: We move closer to my parents' home,playing musical apartments with my sister, so we can help with his care. (I design to earn money and relieve stress)
July 2002: We begin home hospice care until his passing in August. (I take a short break)
February 2003: We move into the family home, switching places with my sister. (I sew to earn money/relieve stress)
June 2005: After another difficult pregnancy, our son is born! He is born with a congential skull abnormality (craniosynostosis), and needs extensive surgery. (After finishing two wedding gowns, I take a break)
October 2005: The neurosurgery is performed, and, after a few weeks, he recovers beautifully! (I design to earn money, express myself creatively, balance and enhance my life)

In between, plenty of wedding dresses, jackets, pants, fun and wild projects have been created... All the while, the business has continued to thrive and grow. Life is amazing, isn't it? I can't separate my professional life from my personal life - and that's just how it is.