Wednesday, August 26, 2015

These are not pants...

(Originally published 4/18/08) - You'll see why on my other blog shortly.

"Okay... she's clearly lost her mind" you're thinking. "I am sure I see a pair of pants in that photo"

Well, let me tell you this. I live in a shopping MECCA. If it isn't out of economic or fitting necessity, or an insatiable hunger to have something "different", there is absolutely NO REASON to sew another pair of pants. Of that, I am certain.

But these are not pants. No, they aren't, my friends.

Not meant to be shown to you against the blank walls of our foyer as a backdrop, or shown on my awkwardly posed figure, as I struggle for a clever way to hold the camera, catching the right light, in an emotionally bland, poorly composed presentation. These pants are about the weather I imagine is coming, events I will attend, the life I am leading, will lead, and improvements I want to make. They are more than pants.

They are...

that trip to Seville, Spain I envision myself taking, eating a lovely paella at sunset, near the huge, beautiful Cathedral


a walk in the lovely Spring weather in Central Park, stopping to people-watch at the boathouse.


a casual picnic lunch out with friends, with good music.

Having invested more time and effort than I can reasonably explain, I took the steps to fit them carefully, getting just the right amount of extra width in the leg, and the hip contour to follow my own hips just right...

I put in an invisible zipper, fusing and hand-picking the seam allowances in place, to keep it "invisible" and smooth. (below)

As always, I sewed my "leg inside of leg" crotch seam, to ensure the symmetry of the inseam juncture.

They are not unhemmed and unpressed on the floor, amid toys carelessly strewn about. And they are not just pants. They are the embodiment of my creative fantasy, and happy spring mood. When I do wear them, I won't be thinking about posing for a picture in the right light; I will simply be leading my life. So the pants I am showing you now, are not what will leave home on my body. Those pants will have a life of their own.

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