Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Weighted vest for autistm or sensory integration issues

I hope this is a help to other parents of children with sensory integration issues out there... Weighted vests are pretty pricey, and limiting, so I've found a good alternative.

I have added weighted pockets to a ready-made vest.

The pockets are made of a strong cotton twill, and since they are meant to total a percentage of the child's body weight, small beanbags work well.

So that the pockets don't have to remain attached to the same garment, they are removeable. They have two large buttonholes on top, so the buttons can be sewn to whichever garment is suitable for the child's size and the season.

I will sell the pockets and appropriate buttons, or directions to make them, if desired.

Here is a picture of the beanbags...

Here is my son's vest with pockets sewn in (but they can be buttoned on instead.)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Bought from Britex

So, I loved this fabric at Britex in San Francisco, and I wanted it to become...

I am thinking about buttons and buttonholes now. It hasn't been pressed yet...

This two-toned, welted pocket creation with rich, blue silk details. It is to wear casually, with jeans and such...

And here it is... inside out.

This was inspired by the Japanese "jimbaori", which have broad lapels to display rich lining fabric. I have named this my "No one said it would be easy" jacket, and it feels great to wear it.