Monday, April 01, 2013

The perpetual shirt...

If my other blog landed you here, you've read the background of my "perpetual shirt", and you're here for the sewing info.  Not a significantly difficult process, really.  It is a simple, raw looking t-shirt, with zigzagged edges, made of a durable, quality knit.  Boldly written on the front, is today's date.  Or mostly any spring date I want until 2019, actually... But if I'm still wearing it by then... I'll need your help.

Did I use a pattern for the shirt?  No.  Just took my scissors and went for it.

So, how do I make the dates change?  Here's the inspiration:

Why?  velcro is too fluffy for the letters to sit flush.  But, if I do this...

By creating a velcro "grooves", I recessed the under layer (soft side) into the shirt, so that the letters could lay pretty flat against the surface of the fabric plaque. Now, I can make it almost any spring day I want... Why only spring?  I didn't want to buy and velcro too many letters, and I probably won't want to wear it in the summer (too hot) or fall/winter.

The "201" is permanent, but the other letters are all removable.

I am a professional collaborative dressmaker by profession, and would make you one, if you want one made... Keep in mind, though, that labor, planning, and materials make this quite a pricey t-shirt!  You can show this example to your own dressmaker or crafty/sewing person to do this for you, if you don't wanna drop a chunk of change.

Who would I imagine wearing this? Myself...