Tuesday, January 10, 2006

To the aspiring designer...

It is a new year. Creative energy abounds!

This is my special post to all of you aspiring designers, creative artists and dreamers out there...

It has been said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Starting a design business is a very serious, expensive endeavor. At this point, the ideas may still be in your head. There is an idea, a sketch, a vision, a philosophy... but it doesn't mean a thing if you have no products to display. There are a million decisions to make... fabric choices, notions, choosing suppliers and negotiating deals ... it can be overwhelming. If you do not know how to sew very well, make patterns, drape, or sketch, you will need to employ people who do.

Initially, you will need at least one trial garment to show as an example of what you can do. You'll need to take at least one step in the direction of starting a business by taking classes, reading relevant trade publications, and finding ways to develop some tangible version of what you would like to sell. You'll need someone with the technical skill to pull it out of your head, and into 3-dimensions. Then, you will have a garment to take to potential business associates, show to prospective customers, patternmakers, etc. to help determine what is feasible, and whether there is a market for it.

Before you invest (and possibly lose) a huge stack of cash, please take the time to educate yourself as thoroughly as possible. While I cannot significantly shorten your lurning curve, I
can help straighten the path a bit.

This book will help you much more than any other publication I've seen... Don't take my word for it - Read the Amazon reviews!

I firmly believe in being honest and fair with my clients, helping them reach the next level. While I can't take you all the way there, I can point you toward the elevator!

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