Thursday, September 30, 2010


Life has been very busy, and the pace of the business has picked up significantly. My client list is now including more corporate gigs, and things with tight deadlines and bigger budgets, so my schedule has changed along with that. The success of has been wonderful, and the number of legitimate visitors truly astounds me. I am still very grateful, and occasionally updating the "stories" section of my own website, with things I think are relevant, or help express who I am. See you again when I have a moment to write. There is lots to tell!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Where have I been?

This is what I was so busy doing in late January/early February. The immensely talented Irina Shabayeva, of Project Runway fame, needed help constructing her beautiful designs for Fashion Week. I was happy to help, and was amazed by her absolutely Herculean effort in putting her amazing show together.

Since then, it has been clients, clients, clients... and soon to come... my first professional photo shoot!

And finally, there is an actual trailer for the movie I worked on in November. *Update - the trailer keeps appearing a disappearing on various sites, citing copyright infringement, etc. so I suggest looking it up on YouTube, using the search term "Romantics movie trailer", if you care to see it..