Thursday, June 29, 2006

Swimsuit and cover-ups

Oh, when they say "the devil's in the details, I now know exactly what they mean. I love these suits , but the fit really needs to be exact, and getting the technical part right is tough. Fun project, though!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Jeans that fit - part VI

So - this is where we started...

And these jeans fit great...

Jeans that fit - part V

Here's how you preserve the original hem...

But I made my hem this way...

Jeans that fit - part IV

This is my adjusted waist. I did not take out the waistband seam - just cut smoothly below it, serged the raw waist edge of the jeans and topstitched right on top.

Jeans that fit - part III

I needed to cut the front rivets off before reattaching the waistband.

I am replacing the waistband button with this great no-sew jeans button. I am preserving the buttonhole, without shortening the waistband on the buttonhole side, so there will be an overlap on my waistband.

Jeans that fit- part II

I chose this lace for the embellishment - dunno why - just loved it!

I shaped the legs, according to my desired dimensions. (I used a pattern from pants I designed that fit me well.)

After shaping the back rise and rear end, I eased below the yoke to fit the new back leg.

Stitched new yoke in place and topstitched. Now I have a double yoke seam...

Making jeans that fit from jeans that don't!

So, wanting a pair of jeans to fit me the way I want them to, I decided to buy a pair of jeans, too big in every way, and then scale them down to my size.

Here are the jeans I bought. Loose fit, about 4" too big in the waist, waaay too long, waay too wide...

I used the appropriate topstitching thread... I cut away the front, leaving the center front seam intact. I cut away the back, leaving above the yoke intact.