Friday, December 05, 2008

Using a Dressmaker to SAVE money?

If you are like most people, at some point in your life, you've imagined yourself in some outrageous red-carpet worthy custom-made confection. I'm sure it comes as no surprise - custom clothing is NOT inexpensive. It takes time, skill, patience, and quality materials to achieve. You will, no doubt, spend less at your local retailer, where you will likely find something... acceptable or adequate, if not great.

Or, if you are creative, you'll find something beautiful at an auction, a vintage store, or anywhere else. Then you'll find a dressmaker willing to refashion it into something perfect for you...

I redesigned this 1890's dress, bought at an auction, to fit my client for her wedding this fall. This garment would have been outrageously expensive, had I created it from scratch. All told, it was still less expensive than buying a new designer gown in a boutique.

When a look is otherwise unattainable, it could be due to size, shape, color, materials, support requirements, commissioning a dressmaker can be well worth your while. But, beyond your most important occasions, there are plenty of other situations to consider.

Have you gained or lost weight?

Give you a more professional or neater appearance, by making your clothing fit. The bride pictured above, needed her gown altered following a weight reduction surgery.

Do you love something that is out of style, wrong for your body, or too memorable to wear again?
Have a dressmaker "redesign" it to make a fresh statement.

Do you a garment that is damaged, torn or stained, and needs a creative solution?
Many dressmakers have really seen it all, and have solutions you have never dreamed of!

Are you having an informal, unique, or unconventional wedding?
Bridal shops do not offer enough variety to please every category of bride. You might want to add more embellishment to a simple gown, or wear something that appeals to your taste specifically. The bride pictured above, wanted a bold pearl trim on a halter-style gown. In her case, as in many others, this was less expensive than the bridal shop alternative for which she would have had to settle. (I know that's formal, but I just can't end my sentence with a preposition!!!!)

How do you know what's possible? You go to and ask a professional.

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