Sunday, August 12, 2007

Exhibits and eye-candy

I may or may not have mentioned that I am a museum junkie...

I used to complain about the prices at my favorite museums here in New York, and then, in an "aha" moment, I slapped myself back into sanity, and realized that if I will pay $120 for a subscription to People Magazine without batting an eyelash(and, no, I'm not proud of it), how can I complain about the price of a museum entry? Better yet, I decided to buy a family membership at the Met... I spend at least that much there in a year -- what was I thinking?

Note: I have also since cancelled my People subscription.

Today, I invite you to look at some of he cool things I've seen on the web lately.

I love beautiful presentation and pictures, and have found some real gems on the web lately. I invite you to look at Mademoiselle Ombrelle, a Belgian site, all in French, but really, just look at the pictures in the hat and sculpture galleries. I love that "Alice in Wonderland-y" feeling...

I have also happened upon Hanneke's site for her wild creations. She even paints on clothing, and her style is very unique.

I love the idea behind this quilter's site.
Quilters often get a bad rap, since in their name, so many hideous things have been created, but this woman has a cool take on it.

And, a feel-good article that reinforces my view on the legacy of really special clothing. It is always more than just thread and fabric, isn't it?

I also want to see the William Ivey Long costume exhibit at the Cameron Art Museum when I got to NC again later this month. They have such strange hours - it will take some planning.


  1. There's some interesting things to look at! I love that hat with the huge rose.

    I've seen the Quiltsryche site before, and like you thought, "good for her."

  2. Thank you so much for this link! exuse me,but the website is not in english actually....
    Have a nice evening,

  3. You are so welcome! Your work is beautiful!