Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wouldn't it be Glover-ly????

"When in doubt as to local customs, put a pair of gloves in your pocket, and if you cannot judge with certainty whether others will wear them, be on the safe side by putting them on before you enter the drawing room."

-Good Manners (Butterick Publishing Company, 1888)

I have an obsession with gloves, although I almost never wear them. I am fascinated by the making of gloves and the completely foreign shape of the pattern pieces! My beloved glove pattern from 1943, which I am absolutely baffled by, but hope to figure out someday, calls me to create something as lovely as the illustrations on the pattern envelope. The instructions are so spare, I wonder if they are joking.

After reading the "instructions" again a few more times, I have determined that the pattern company makes the following assumptions; that the gloves will be sewn by hand (which appears to be necessary, due to the shape of the pieces), that you know what type of fabric to purchase (there is no guidance for fabric at all - but it certainly shouldn't fray), that you know what it means to "glove stitch", and that you know how to determine your glove size. Okay, so I'll have to do a bit of research and make a muslin before I can tackle this one. My goal is to make gloves with embroidery travelling up the fingers. This will take time. Maybe my pattern doesn't need to be from 1943, huh?

For online eye-candy, the Martin Margiela artisinal clothing featured on is so inspiring and beautifully weird, that I felt I needed to share... Check out the top made of overlapping gloves!


  1. I remember seeing photos of sewing machines dedicated to making gloves, but it was ages ago. Anyway, I wondered about the glove stitch and here's a site with a good illustration. Doesn't look hard:

    I love gloves myself, but I'd rather knit them. I have knit gloves with tiny fairisle patterns over not just the palm and backs, but fingers as well.

    There is a knitting book called Handplagg (Swedish?) that features some of the most beautiful knitted gloves. It's $80 though. Someday....

  2. Now I know what to do with my suitcase full of vintage gloves. Martin is certainly ahead of the curve! Thanks for the link.

    You might need a new glove pattern. I made a few pair years ago (opera length) and they were actually quite easy to make. I'll look for the pattern. It's in the archives, you know!

  3. Interesting. I have many pairs of vintage gloves, but never thought of making them. I know Vogue carries or did carry a modern glove pattern, it came out a few years ago. I think Ann from Gorgeous Things might have made a pair from the latest Vogue pattern.