Sunday, January 06, 2008

For all the single ladies... a "glove" story

My blog mission hasn't changed much in the years since its inception, but my readership is growing rapidly, so I am re-dedicating myself to its purpose. I want to make sure that what I write is useful, entertaining, thought-provoking and/or inspiring. Since my schedule doesn't allow me to work as much as I'd like, I need this outlet, and, thank Goodness, people are responding. Since what I sew or create usually has some bigger idea behind it, which I may or may not be able to convey clearly in a blog post... I'll continue to share what I feel I can share in a useful way.

Some projects just take years.

I am proud to say that my glove project (see previous posts: 1, 2, 3, and 4) 5 years in the making, is finally near completion. Now, the pattern seems "easy", the pattern has been tweaked and cutsomized for my hands, and the fabric choice and color has been made. Three tries since my last post, I decided that sewing them completely by hand, (no machine intervention) using a microfiber fabric with the right amount of "cushiness" (one sueded side), with some surface embellishment, yet to be determined, is the right way to go. What you see above is try #2 on the thumb, which is the hardest part to get right, in my opinion. Outside, vs. inside stitching? Both, actually. Inside stitching for construction, and satin stitches on the outside, over the seams, for beauty. That's what got me the best results.

When finished, they will be worn everywhere.

Before our daughter was born, I commuted on the subway from Forest Hills, Queens into lower Manhattan for work at Vogue Patterns, and I played games with myself to pass the time. One of the games was the "eavesdropping" game. I closed my eyes and listened to conversations, taking mental notes, and then I compared the common threads between the different topics.

I usually found that at the end of the workday, most of the conversations were the "Why everyone else at work is an idiot", "What no one understands (but me, of course)", "I know my boss hates me" or the "When will I get my due" rants. It seems that a good night's sleep would inspire optimism, and the people who were talking would start the day, cheerfully chattering about their lives outside of work. But among them, was also a good share of somber faces, hunched shoulders, and closed eyes.

Now a new year has just begun, and more than a week has passed since I started writing this blog post. I wonder why all of a sudden it seems that it seems everyone is having the same conversations all around me... over and over and over again. I felt I needed to finish this post, if only to get my thoughts out there while the conversations are still happening.

At the beginning of each year, it seems that women move into a self-examining, excessively critical mode. It can be unhealthy. Sometimes, it hurts to listen.

And I'm not just hearing it on the streets... I'm hearing it from peaple I know and love. I am noticing this trend among my single friends. Intelligent, beautiful, accomplished women, who lack partners, and are feeling lonely, sad, and confused about it. I notice that they seem to be blaming themselves for their singlehood.

Some people I know, have even taken to the airways to broadcast their singlehood. A cousin of mine, was on a makeover show, throwing a "divorce party" on the Style network's Big Party Plan-off. My friend (of about a quarter-century, now...whew!) Kysha, has appeared on a talk show to talk about her dating life.

This is not meant to be advice... I am not presenting myself as a dating guru here... I am sure there are plenty of quality men and women in the world, and there are nice, upstanding, lovely people at every turn. Yes, being older means some extra baggage, divorces, children might also be in that package, but, really, doesn't everyone want to find someone who was already alive, vibrant, and hopeful before you met? You're not "settling", you're just acknowledging that you are both grown-ups, who have been living grown-up lives for a while.

To quote the God character in Bruce Almighty, "If you want to see a miracle, be the miracle..." To paraphrase... Since like attracts like... ifyou want a quality partner, just continue to be a quality candidate.

A mate, like the perfect pair of gloves, serves to shield and help you through storms, add beauty and comfort to your everyday activities, and fit you perfectly. As part of that pair, you would do the same for your mate. It doesn't matter how many you try on... when you find that right one... you'll know it.


Oh, and when you do, the aphrodisiac cookbook by Isable Allende (see Amazon slideshow at right) wouldn't hurt, either.

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  1. That, and relationships, like your gloves, take time to make, and lots of detailed loving care.

  2. Mimi, I'm so gald and thankful you posted your tutorial on Vogue glove making. I recently purchased V7949 in hopes of getting my courage up to try a few of the views in this pattern.