Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Standing Ovation

I was having trouble ending my show. I thought, "why not make a virtue of it?" I started closing with extended bowing, as though I heard heavy applause. I kept insisting that I needed to "beg off." No, nothing, not even this ovation I am imagining, can make me stay. My goal was to make the audience laugh but leave them unable to describe what it was that made them laugh. In other words, like the helpless state of giddiness experienced by close friends tuned into each other's sense of humor, you had to be there.

-Steve Martin, Born Standing Up

I spent about three hours with Steve Martin this weekend. No, I was reading his book. I have been wanting to do some video entries on my blog, but worried about appearing silly, vain, or like I was trying to start my own reality show.

I decided to rejoice in the freedom of it, make the videos, and let anyone who wanted to watch them, do so. In my head, I can take a bow to my imaginary standing ovation, and it gives me a wonderful way to spend these little snippets of time I get while my son has his therapies!

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