Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Laughter again...

When my sister and I met with the funeral director to collect my grandmother's ashes last week, we were seated on a couch next to a coffee table. After handing us the ashes, he knelt down next to the table, and we both stiffened, thinking he was going to pray with us... Keep in mind that we didn't really know my grandmother, since she hasn't been able to hold a real conversation within the past 20 years or so...

Anyway, we caught each other's glance for a short second, and I emitted a small snort...

Apparently, he just needed to kneel to fill out the receipt.

There have been lots of opportunities for inapproriate laughter this week. How I wish I had seen this video for advice before our trip to Pennsylvania.

How To Stop Laughing At An Inappropriate Time


  1. I also had bouts of inappropriate laughter at a funeral home while making arrangements for my mother's funeral. Something about the somberness of the staff and that they have to act like that all day long really cracked me up for some reason.

  2. That is hiliarous! My favorite husband and I are always cracking jokes -specially when we're tired and weary. I'd recommend not going to midnight mass at Christmas just after listening to Garrison Keillor.

    Thanks for stopping by SAVANTBlog again; I'd like to know what advice I had given you years ago.

  3. You recommended that I call myself a "collaborative designer", instead of the long, convoluted descriptions I was trying to create for myself. I was able to implement that title confidently, and it helped me in my business.

    Thank you!

  4. Couldn't help but laugh out loud (inappropriately in the office!) at that scenario with the funeral director kneeling down just to write the receipt. Classic.

  5. Anonymous2:21 PM

    That's funny I don't know if I would have been able to refrain myself from actually laughing out loud, especially if I was with my sister. We're always laughing at something. Of course I would have felt terrible after.

    I really like your blog. You personality is real and very down-to-earth.

  6. Thank you, Donna! It is really a fun challenge to find what is really true and relevant, and write about it in a (hopefully) meaningful way.