Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yes, it would be Glover-ly! (Thumb)

I am in an insanely bad mood today.

It seems there are obstacles at every turn, so I am just taking some time to decompress, and work on my glove. Here, I am sharing my first lessons with you.

This post is part of my ongoing quest, which began with "Wouldn't it be Glover-ly???" about a month ago.

Okay, so the glove challenge is considerably complicated - at least to me! I have read and re-read the instructions, and used the information Diane so generously shared with me to get a better understanding of how gloves are constructed, and my muslin atttempt has taught me volumes!!!!

Okay - they give a bias and straight grain layout. My muslin is cotton twill, since it is strong, easy to manipulate, and the bias has a nice, but resilient give. I used the bias layout.

The first step after cutting and marking was to manipulate the thumb piece, and insert it in that crazy claw shape opening on the hand piece. I have done this three times, making different mistakes every time, but now I see how it goes...

I think this is the hardest part of the construction, so maybe I'm over the hump...

This is just my muslin, mind you, so the hand stitching isn't perfect or careful, nor does the thread match...

Here's what I now know.

- The top of the thumb has to be stitched and clipped into a graceful curve, which is not the shape the pattern gives you.

- Manipulating the points of the thumb piece is very careful, precise work, that must be done with a very tight, accurate hand stitch. Bias is great for this piece, since, when you bend your thumb, the movement is comfortable, and the tension lines bounce back, without leaving permanent strain marks on your gloves.

- The thumb is a bit tall for me, so I will alter it down when I cut the real thing.

By the way, my day got a whole lot better - some new and exciting things are happening for my family!

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  1. Thank for the thumb insights! I will mark this post. If I ever foray into vintage gloves it will be useful.