Friday, January 11, 2008


A-list designers who created custom frocks for the celebrities expected to attend the Golden Globes are going to miss a golden opportunity this year. As an article in today's USA Today states, there are designers who have actually gone through the pain of fitting custom dresses that may never be worn. That's gotta hurt.

What I won't miss, though, is the instant knock-off and imitation frenzy that big awards show precipitate. It just feeds into our celebrity and fame-obsessed culture, and I guess I am in favor of anything that helps tone that aspect down. There is so much media hype about nonsense these days...

Ready to wear just doesn't compare to custom. Don't try to look like J-Lo, Jessica Alba, whoever the "it" girl of the monent is. You will be disappointed. Please strive to look like the best version of yourself. I have a feeling most people reading this blog already know that. ;)

Speaking of hype...

Now, you tell me, is the "Kindle" just hype or is it revolutionary?

I love this idea. Seems like a real treat for any information-addict. If you haven't heard about it yet, you'll have to click the link, since I can't adequately describe it.

But hey, let's say it breaks... have you lost your whole library?

Can you believe it is sold out already? Or... is that hype?

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1 comment:

  1. Dear Mimi,

    I entirely agree with your views on "celebrities" and cheap knock-offs. And cheap, poor sewing in general

    Happy New Year! Thank you for your kind email. So much has happened in our lives and I haven't had the occasion to thank you yet.
    Have a lovely weekend.