Wednesday, January 09, 2008


This photo is from a great Alvin Ailey Dance, entitled "Cry". This dance was first performed in 1971, and was choreographed as a tribute to Ailey's own mother, but dedicated to mothers everywhere. It makes you want to cry, just to watch it.

The dress is just fabulous! How that beatiful movement is captured in the skirt is just magical.

I am on day three of nurse-duty for my sick six-year-old. Last night, after giving her a spongebath at 2AM, and changing all of her bedding after this most recent round of unpleasantness, I am truly tired. I we didn't get back to sleep until after 4AM. BOTH of my children woke up, bright and shiny, at 7AM today. I have decided that there will be a mandatory nap for all of us today.

Many of us high-energy, try to do-it-all types have hit that wall before... precipitating that 4AM weepy feeling, haven't we?

A Wall street Journal blogger asks "Can you relate to Clinton's tears?"

Sure. Not a sign of weakness... tears just come so easily when you're exhausted.

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