Monday, January 21, 2008

Things to know before you sew... (Part 1)

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you may know that I once worked for a pattern company. I ADORED working for Butterick/Vogue, and received an incredible education while working there.

Over the past 12 years, I have been sewing professionally for clients, teaching here and there, and doing a bit of writing. The strange and wonderful opportunities that have come my way as a result of these pursuits, have led to fascinating discoveries, and the questions I hear from new and old clients, students, and fellow sewists sometimes really surprise me. Most of all, I am amazed when I learn something basic... fundamental even... that I had never heard before!

So, I had a flash of an idea for a series of blog posts, which begin today...

I will call it... "Things to know before you sew"

As you view them, I will guarantee that you will find this information fairly basic... until I say something that BLOWS YOUR MIND that you didn't know... and you will be amazed that no one ever told you.

The reason why this happens, I believe, is that because most of us haven't learned sewing under the careful tutelage of our mothers and grandmothers, and, since there are no rules establishing what a formal sewing education consists of, there are gaps in our learning, only filled by learning from (often repeated) mistakes.

The first video is about finding inspiration...

Lesson 1:

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  1. I'm ready!!

    Since you picked those books to flip throguh, I will take it as a recommendation. I've had the manipulating fabric on in my wish list for a while.

  2. I'm hooked and I've only seen these two little minutes. A massive thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge and what better place to start than with inspiration.