Friday, January 04, 2008

When will it end?

Be what you is...
not what you ain't...
Cos if you ain't what you is,
You is what you ain't.

-Luther D. Price

I chose these words because sometimes something so true is best expressed simply, plainly, even if grammatically incorrect.

I recently had a conversation with a really talented dressmaker who started honing her sewing skills during a long childhood illness. There was a time (Great Depression-era) when it was not uncommon for family doctors to "prescribe" knitting, sewing and embroidery-type activities for anxiety and depression in their patients. Gratitude journals and other new-age pursuits get a lot of press, but nowadays, the medical landscape is so much more dangerous.

What is a dimming pop star? I am just so sad for Britney. I hope she can find who she is, and not dwell on who she isn't. My heart aches for her. Doesn't this facial expression say it all?

We really have to stop beating people up in the media. It is clear that she has problems that need to be handled away from the glare of the spotlight. There outta be a law preventing this kind of voyeuristic, predatory pursuit of people on the brink of disaster.


  1. I agree about Britney. It's a sad story and I wish she could have some peace and heal. I imagine the press make her anxious...she self medicates and spirals out of control. I think she has some awful postpartum depression/possibly psychosis.

  2. You're right. Why must her personal problems be on CNN? No wonder she's mixed up. She's just a kid for goodness sake.