Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Room of One's Own

(originally posted November 29, 2007)

I can only note that the past is beautiful because one never realises an emotion at the time. It expands later, and thus we don't have complete emotions about the present, only about the past.

-Virginia Woolf

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

Today's message goes out to Mimi, Summerset, Dawn, Adrienne, and all others within reach of my "voice".

Over the past few weeks, I have been haunted by the question, "Why blog?"

I started writing entries simply to combat the frustration I felt over not being free to leave the house, socialize and have grown-up time when I wanted to...

The triple-whammy of my difficult pregnancy with our toddler daughter to care for, followed by my son's serious birth defect and neuro-surgery, followed by an incredibly tight and grueling therapy schedule have left me very little "me time". So I started writing this blog. What I have found to be far more valuable than the catharsis the blog has given me, is the absolute joy of reading the blogs of others...

So it seems, I have found a "community". I was inspired to say this today, as this realisation is hitting me.

When I read your blogs, I "hear" you. I hear the love you all have for your children, (whether they are small or big)and the absolute passion you all share for expressing yourself through your words and creative fingers. I am learning so much through you. Today, I want to celebrate that!

Just so you know, since this online life can be isolating, there is someone eagerly awaiting your next posts, even when I don't comment!

So, why the picture and quote?

Well, when my sister was little, she painted this image of my mother at the sewing machine. It was the 60's, so you can see the color choice was very "of the moment", and the roundness of my Mom's afro is a great fashion statement, isn't it?

Notice my Mom's back to her - she is absolutely in her own world. And happily so. Even at my sister's tender age, she could appreciate that my mother had her own passion, and my sister took the opportunity at that time, to explore her own creativity.

At the time, anyone would have said, "What a cute picture of your Mom at the sewing machine!" But the picture expresses so much more than that. It is not about feeling "left out" of my Mom's creative world, it was encouragement and permission to find her own creative space.

As a Mom, finding your own space, your own moment to just create and really be who you are, is so important. And letting your children know that you are entitled to that space, and having them respect it, is vital. Well, husbands too, but mine doesn't give me any conflict about my sewing. I am still carving out my own time, slowly but surely, since I have discovered that I truly cannot live (and be pleasant, ha!) without it.

The past few days, however, I have been in gourmet mode, stocking our kitchen with homemade-from-scratch goodies. I am well-fed and rested... and on a bit of a sewing binge between Aaron's therapies... the results of which will soon be revealed on this blog.

Stay tuned!


  1. Great post, Mimi! "Community" is an very accurate word to describe the feeling amongst sewers online. I have learned so much from other's blogs, and not just about sewing, but about life, too.

  2. What a wonderful post Mimi! I too love the term "community". I read quite a few blogs and I have them in Google Reader. I always read the sewing blogs first because those are the most special ones to me. If I didn't, my day would just not be complete.

  3. I think your post captures the essence (or at least some of the essence-if that's possible) of why most of us blog. We all look forward to hearing from and sharing with our friends; and we get to do it at our leisure.

  4. Such a lovely look into your life! Looking forward to seeking things created in your "me time".

  5. My gosh, that was a beautiful post. I love the painting...for a moment I was about to ask you 'where did you buy that'.

  6. Thank you all for your wonderful comments! You are all so special!

  7. Thanks for sharing! Nice post and a lovely picture. Both you and your sister are good at expressing your feelings.

  8. Mimi, thanks for the serger threading tip. I do know about cutting the thread and tying on, but did not know about pulling the knot with the new thread through one by one. After I tied the new thread on I run the stitches through on a scrap piece of fabric. Now I see this is why my thread was most likely breaking. Trying to run it through so fast probably made the knot get caught or something.

  9. Mimi - what a fantastic post! The women's blogs that you have mentioned are wonderful talents and ambassadors for our craft!

  10. Tank you, Carolyn! ... it amazes me how many people are so intellectually and creatively generous!

  11. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Wow. how touching....I definitely feel the same way. Blogging has been my "escape" from my challenging life and an opportunity to communicate with genuine and like-minded individuals like yourself.

  12. Anonymous10:44 AM

    oh, nuts! My trip in & out of NYC was a whirlwind & you slipped my mind. :-( Next time I'm in town, we'll find a time to get together. I totally understand the need to get out of the house. My middle daughter's illness at birth was something she has slowly grown out of, but there were about 3 years that her health just didn't permit me to really ever leave the house.

    I love this post about community. Working at home by myself, my online buddies are my only connection to sanity.

  13. Hi! I just found you...linked from Summerset's blog. I love the way you write, and this post is fantastic!!! I've recently started blogging myself for various reasons and I find it's very therapeutic. Thanks for sharing yourself...something I'm learning to do on my own blog! :-) It's an ongoing process.

    I'll be back!!!!