Friday, January 11, 2008

Sewing classes evolve

Modern sewing classes are evolving. I happened upon a blog a few days ago, that gives the most encouraging description of a great sewing class, that I wanted to make a mental note for the future, when I have an opportunity to teach again.

This hands-on, jump-on-in approach is what today's beginning sewer needs to get fired up about the process. I know it takes a special kind of teacher to teach such a class though. Well, that, and a small class-size, to make this kind of personal attention.

The marketing opportunities could be great here. Call it "kamikaze" sewing... where you absolutely surrender to the process, cutting fearlessly into your fabric, knowing that you can create a masterpiece, or a disaster, and be willing to encounter either. It could be a great tool for releasing your creative energy, overcoming fear... (pant, pant) am I getting too far ahead of myself here?

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