Saturday, October 06, 2007

Holiday, schmoliday...

After all my self-congratulatory preaching about the healthy eating habits my family has adopted, I now have a miserable cold. I am the only one who is sick (at this point), but my energy level is next to zero.

This three day weekend is not going to be as much fun as I thought.

On a positive note, though, I found a good use for this trim I bought umpteen million years ago. I used leftover linen fabric from the dress project. It works with my lucky red shoes, AND, hopefully, the new shirt I just bought from the Etsy shop. I would also like to make a pale yellow tunic, but I would need just the right weight fabric, with a hint of translucency. Or, actually, as I think more about it, I'd like a knitted sweater in pale yellow, that cinches as the waist, and a pressed orange flower necklace, (sandwiched between glass) dangling from a thin leather string around my neck. What do you call that kind of glass jewelry? Is there a name for it?

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