Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Well... I tried

In my ongoing quest to "de-stuff" my sewing and design supplies, I thought I would weed out my Threads and other sewing magazines collection. Turns out, I did this already, about three years ago, and what I've accumulated since, I've categorized and stored in an organized fashion for future reference. I am only getting rid of my W magazine collection, and trusting that there will always be new and beautiful photographs to look at for inspiration.

So, I've been recovering our sofas. We have some really good quality furniture, purchased when we were married without kids, that is still too good looking to get rid of, but kinda dated now. The structure is perfect, so I decided to make new slipcovers. I happen to live near a fabric jobber that sells decorator fabrics for $2 (yes! $2) a yard, so I got a HUGE pile of lovely fabric there a few weeks ago.

It was literally one of those moments when you pick something up, and every other person in the store runs toward you screaming "Where'd you get that!!??". Since the fabric store is stuffed to the gills, you just have to sort through to find something you like. It is the golden mustard-y yellow fabric pictured at the bottom of the photo here...

So, serendipitously, I found an old Threads, fell open to this page...

Exactly what I was going for!

And a simpler method than what I was using... Hallelujah!

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  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    I loved it. Very different.