Sunday, October 14, 2007

RSS,, Feedburner, Digg... Oh, I get it!

This post is for "the rest" of us. It is a service for those of us who have little/no idea what the above terms mean... If you are a computer geek, read no further. I will get back on topic with my next post!

I may be slow on the uptake here, but I am starting to see the point of all of these services, and how they can work with your blog. Goodness... the things you have to learn to get everything working...

Tired of feeling like an idiot every time someone suggests a new feature I should "enable", I did some reading.

A while back, it was suggested that I enable RSS on my blog, and, not knowing what that was, I Googled it, and came up with "Google Reader" info. So, I followed the steps, enabled RSS on my blog, and signed up for my own (free!) Google Reader, so that I could keep track of the blogs I love and news sources I trust. I LOOOOVE this service so much, I can't even tell you. I have been trying to explain to my friends and family how great it is to have the equivalent of my own custom online newspaper every day, and even if I use the "TIVO" analogy, they still don't care. For those of you who do...

Del.ici.ous is a bookmarking site. You can bookmark things that interest you, and others can see what you've bookmarked, and check it out for themselves! You can add a "save to del.ici.ous" button to your blog.

Digg is another version of bookmarking site. In a nutshell, same purpose as above, more or less.

Feedburner is a great service. You can actually see what posts get the most readership by logging into your account and checking the data. It will tell you other stuff about your blog, too. Sign up - free for the basics, and you can pay for extras.

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