Sunday, October 28, 2007

A dress for Diana

Last week, my husband gave me the gift of a "day off", which included a wonderful massage. Since I was early for my appointment, I stopped in a Barnes and Noble and perused A Dress for Diana.

I really liked this book, and not for the reasons you would think. I abhor the style of this dress (just my opinion, though), because it represents everything I loathe about the prevailing attitude about modern weddings. The beauty of the dress isn't really the point of this book, though. This over-the-top confection is a suffocating example of what Diana's life would become, yet it was the perfect symbol of the woman she wanted to portray on that day. A truly satisfied client is always the dressmaker's goal. The design process and communication with her dressmaker was a beautifully successful collaboration.

Individuality, rarity and specialness were all celebrated in this gown, and I love how the photographs illustrate the careful, arduous process and the uncertainty every dressmaker feels when designing for an event of such magnitude.

The challenge of working with a client who is scared, nervous, or lacks confidence is difficult enough, without having a huge worldwide audience looking on. What a job this dressmaking team did!

My wish (and prayer) for all brides, is that you can untangle yourselves from the mess of advertising and wedding trends, look at your wedding as a "family" day, take some of the focus off the dress, and put it into your LOVE, LIFE, and MARRIAGE...

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