Sunday, October 21, 2007


Sun...sleeps on my cat
like Cezannne

-High School classmate (from memory)

I may have the words wrong, but I will always remember the gist of this Haiku-inspired poem, (although it didn't fit the classic structure) written by a fellow classmate in High School in Mr. Rous' Creative Writing class. The beauty of this class, is that my friend and I were both bored, and he was incredibly talented. I omit his name now, since he has probably gone on to much bigger and better things, and I haven't seen him in a million years...and his name isn't the point, anyway...

Anyway, we used to have assignments, forget(?) or neglect to do them, and make things up on the spot. He and I turned the class into an improv. class, and snickered about it constantly. And... we both got A+ in that class.

Here's my point. I loved that he was linking our study of Cezanne in Art History class, and the way he divides a canvas (3:2:3) to the way the light shone on his cat. Beautiful observation for a 15 year-old-boy, dontcha think?

So this ratio I touched on briefly in a previous post, will be applied to my current project.

Sick of looking at this very colorful but truly annoying comforter on my daughter's bed,
I decided to make a new "face" for it. I was planning to put a poll on this post to ask which combo would look best, but as soon as I laid out the fabric for comparison, the choice was obvious.

I have assembled both sides, and now need to pin, machine quilt and bind, sandwiching the old quilt in between.

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