Saturday, October 13, 2007


Oddly enough, as a follow up to the simple solutions to common clothing problems post, I just came across yet another good solution to the bra-strap dilemma. And this one is of particular benefit to the non-sewer...

What is it? Strong beaded bra straps, in a rainbow of colors, to complement any outfit where pesky bra straps might be a problem. This would definitely work in New York in the summertime... in fact, I wish I could hand them out on the street corners to every fashion "don't" who passes by.

Full disclosure: I had the pleasure of "meeting" (virtually) the owner today, and was impressed by her enthusiasm. I was NOT asked to post about it, by the way. By providing both jobs AND day care, this business helps a group of Colombian women to earn incomes for their families, and I dig that.

Love the name, love the purpose, feel good about this idea... Hope it continues to grow into other products.

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