Thursday, October 25, 2007

The urge not to purge... (Part III)

Happy Halloween! (Well, almost) I made this blouse when I was about 19 years old, and wore it until I turned 30. This is a strange example of a two-layered top that worked so well, that it belongs in the "happy accident" category. The orange fabric was a poly chiffon, (believe it or not)and I sewed two fabric layers as one, with a lightweight black challis-like fabric beneath. I made a hidden snap closure for the front. Yes, it was loud... and I loved it! I miss it. I usually got only a few wears out of it - around halloween, against an all-black outfit... I do still have the pattern... I would need the perfect fabric, though.

This pattern was never a candidate for the Ebay purge. Despite the frumpy, weird series of photos on the front of this pattern envelope, this is one of my very favorite patterns. I made the top (pictured in a grey fabric), in a blue washable silk with an "outer-spacey" splatter-dyed effect, and it was the most comfortable, flowy, feminine top in the world. I just retired mine (now, 12 years old) this summer! This whole pattern works really well for me...

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