Thursday, September 27, 2007

A diet that works! (Literally, the happiest days of my life)

Destiny grants us our wishes, but in its own way, in order to give us something beyond our wishes.


I've been a bit distracted from writing any sewing posts lately, for reasons you will soon understand. I am, quite literally, experiencing the happiest days of my life. If you are a friend or family member, you already know why!

Last week, I was feeling like making some more interesting foods, and I decided to make falafel (which I love). Because my son, Aaron has so many food sensitivities and sensory issues, the only way I can control what he eats, is to cook it myself. I had a suspicion that falafel would be something he would like. Turns out he does, but that isn't the main reason for this entry. On my search for tahini paste, I popped into a health food store, with a sign that read "Gluten-Free products".

So yeah, whatever... I've heard all the crunchy granola-types espousing this gluten-free diet, but not understanding what gluten is, or why a special diet is supposed to help some autistic and ADHD children, the information just rolled past me. I've seen a few moments of Jenny McCarthy hawking her book on Oprah and other shows, talking about autistic children and their diets, but after tossing her cutesy child-rearing books in the trash in a fit of rage a few months ago, I didn't really care too much about her opinions. I also have almost NO time for TV these days, but I guess it made me a bit curious.

Well, I asked about this gluten-free philosophy (which no doctor, or any respected professional had ever mentioned to me), and the heath food store worker/owner? explained exactly why a gluten-free diet might be helpful. He suggested I simply replace the gluten products Aaron currently eats with gluten-free versions, and see if there's a difference.

We started the diet on Monday. Aaron was different on MONDAY. In more ways that I can even list here. Call it coincidence, magic, whatever... I'm just grateful. Naps that last two and a half hours... UNHEARD OF before this week. We have never seen my son nap longer than an hour or so EVER... Sleeping through the night with no 4 AM screaming... He is calm, peaceful. He knew one speed before this week -- and it was RUNNING! Frantic purposeless running has stopped. He will let me read him a book. He is not flailing, crying, screaming. It is like this diet peeled away a veil, revealing this sweet, loveable bundle of a kid. His bowel movements are different, his ability to pay attention, his steadiness on his feet, his tolerance level for different textures and changes... I can take him out with me, and he is completely cooperative. This is only day four, and he is absolutely a DIFFERENT child!

Since I've been on this cooking and health-food store binge, it just so happens that the meals I've made over the past week or so have been in the vegetarian or vegan category. The unexpected side effect is that everyone is in a great mood, and sleeping really well. We are all waking up early, with lots of energy. It makes me think about how much our diets affect every aspect of our lives.

So anyway, I'm just grateful. It is like giving birth again! And I've gained about 2-hour block of quiet nap-time in my day, that I can use for a little work, writing emails, whatever...


  1. Diane8:51 PM

    You might enjoy this link regarding dramatic changes similar to what you have experienced.

  2. Diane - I missed the link... ?