Sunday, October 21, 2007

More heart projects...

The therapists who come into our home every day to provide therapy for our son are just the best... To show appreciation, since I have so little time, I think for a while and then give them gifts that are unique, and based on something I know about them.

For Aaron's occupational therapist, I made this bag...

because I know how hard it was for her to find suitable bags for toting around all of her equipment. It is large and durable, with padded straps, and a zipper that will allow the bag to be opened entirely, if she chooses to spread her things out on the floor. It also has a drawstring top for easy and secure closure.

Our speech therapist talked about a special purse her Grandmother made for her when she was a teen. She no longer wanted to use it as a purse, but it was important to her history, and she wanted it near her, and usable.

I turned it into a bolster pillow, with a potpourri pocket, so she could fill a little satchel with lavender (which her grandmother loved), and she could always have it near her. I figure, even if it doesn't go with her decor, she can use it as a casual sofa "huggy" pillow or something.

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