Friday, August 24, 2007

Stitches from the soul...

I once had a bridal client, with a beautiful wish. She had her late mother's wedding dress, which had been handmade by her mother, and wished she could modify it for her own wedding. Problem was, her mom was a tiny woman, and the bride-to-be was of a much more modern, athletically healthy build. We examined the dress, and determined no flattering alteration could be done.

I took her mother's dress partially apart, and we agreed to incorporate sections of it into a new gown, for her relaxed, outdoor wedding. We went to New York Elegant Fabrics together, and bought a creamy silk that complimented the yellowish tint her mother's aging gown had acquired, and a lovely floral embellishment for the neckline, waist, and godets.

From the fabric, I made a custom, plain halter-style gown for the bride. Using the lace from her mother's dress, I made a waist detail for the new one.

I kept her mother's hand stitching on two long triangles cut from the original gown, so that the bride could walk down the aisle with the feeling of her mother's "hands".

And it was a beautifully fulfilling project. This one is a good example of when a dress isn't just a "dress".


  1. What a nice story. Dressmaking is so much more than clothes, isn't it?

  2. Mimi, This the first time I've taken time to read your blog and also view your website. Both are truly inspirational and you are so awesome. I needed some motivation today.....Thanks! Linda Colwell

  3. Thank you, Linda! I think today is the first time I ever noticed your comment on this post!