Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Who are you wearing?

"The only things that do not change are dead things. Clothes are exceedingly vital and alive."

-Jacques Worth, 1927

Which of these is this coat? Alive or dead?

The caption of this original photo, (from my family's collection) originally from TWA Aviation Press Pictures, reads, "NY International Airport, February 11, 1960. Glamourous Eva Gabor, who appreared on the Jack Parr Show last night, is pictured wearing a leopard coat prior to boarding a TWA Jetliner to Los Angeles where she will enjoy a brief visit."

The airport had not yet been renamed JFK, for obvious reasons... but notice the mention of the leopard coat? My, how times have changed.

Or... have they?

This coat would have been quite a status symbol in those days, but would now be a very unpopular item (to put it mildly), if worn by any celebrity. While such a coat, which once turned heads, now turns stomachs, are animal rights just the popular issue right now, due to the marketing efforts of groups like PETA?

I know there are always other fish to fry, but I want to specifically turn your attention to an article on sweatshop labor, offered by BBC News. Do we think about the human price paid when we buy $5 T-shirts? According to the article, workers in Burkina Faso would love to stop laboring for such low wages, but, unfortunately, cotton is their only cash crop.

So now, here's my bigger point... as you read this, "Who" are you wearing?

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  1. I rant about this very subject on my blog with all the hype surrounding Sarah Jessica Parker and her Bitten line.

    Hopefully more people will begin to realize the real cost of a 5 dollar t shirt.