Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sold on Ebay

I have realized one thing...

If you say you want to get rid of something, you lower its value in the eyes of others, because it is your "trash". I put the Batman and Robin patterns on EBay for $.01, because I would prefer to give them to someone who wants them, than throw them away, if they would pay just the shipping. So I put them on EBay, and they sold for a few bucks. I popped them in a padded envelope today, printed out my Paypal shipping label, and off they went. Easy, breezy...

Next up, a group of original celebrity photographs from the early 60's. They are mostly glamour-type shots. Eva Gabor, Shelley Winters and Donna Reed are among them. I haven't kept them because I love them, but because I sold a few on EBay and got tired of doing it one by one, and the pile was just too big. The ones I sold were: Jackie Kennedy, Jamie Leigh Curtis and her sister(as children) with Janet Leigh, Tony Randall, Dinah Shore, Lucille Ball and a candid of Liz Taylor with Eddie Fisher. Gotta love EBay... We'll see if this group sells. It is an interesting experiment, at least.

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