Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sewing and beyond in the blogosphere

"Society is complex, yet it is simple. It binds together people of diverse tastes, beliefs, and habits of thought, but it comples no one to affiliate with his neighbor beyond the extent of practicing toward him the polite formalities which are the social currency of enlightened people. Whoever does more than this is valued accordingly; and by the subtle workings of sympathetic affinities; those whose mutual aims and ambitions are nearest alike form circles within which their special enjoyments or pursuits are followed."

--Good Manners (Butterick Publishing Company, 1888)

I was taking a little trip around the blogosphere, wondering what other passions people were blogging about. I know sewists can be fanatics, but most of us aren't really writing specifically about sewing, so much as about life, really.

Well, no matter what the topic, I found some amazing similarities between bloggers with a "human" quality. Sites focusing on other creative topics eventually touch on crafts, or knitting, or sewing, and eventually... pets. No matter who the author, it seems all readers are eventually forced to look at 10,000 pictures of your cat/dog/precious rodent/whatever. I laugh every time I come across another "kitty" entry. Check for yourself! The universality of it is hilarious! Sorry, I'm not a pet owner, so I don't understand.

There is also the obligatory "what I ate for breakfast/lunch/dinner" entry when people feel compelled to write, but have nothing to say. But here's the amazing part... I read them. With interest. I read about stay-at-home moms with the summertime "blues", frustrated artists, witty, snarky, and beautiful comments about everything... and it all started to blend into one voice. This blogging trend is bigger than just tiny slices of ordinary lives. It is amazingly democratic, real, fascinating, and nothing is too small or mundane.

Today's item for the daily purge...

This book was never opened by my mother-in-law, and, after sitting on her shelf for a decade or so, it was never used by me. For some crazy reason, I decided that it was something I should keep. Guess what, guys? 1982 was a long time ago. Time to let go! It can be yours for the price of postage - just let me know.


  1. This looks like a book that I would buy at the thrift store and look at *once*. My new mantra is "no more stuff" since it looks like another move is in our future.

    Hope you find a taker!

  2. Well, if I don't, I'll Ebay it for cheap, or donate it.