Friday, August 10, 2007

Drowning in stuff...

Today's mission is to start getting rid of all these "good" things I know I'll never use. I don't know why I am keeping all this stuff. Last night, it occured to me that I'm not a messy or disorganized person, but this habit of not parting with things I don't use is making me look like one!

First step...

After careful introspection, I have decided that I will never want to dress as Batman or Robin. So, why have I had these patterns for 10 years???? To make it worse, these are both adult sizes... Can you say... Ebay? If any reader of this blog wants these, let me know, and they're yours for the price of postage!

1 comment:

  1. Hey, Mimi, I'm doing the same thing today. Tearing up the sewing room and getting rid of stuff. Hey, do you think our friend Ruth from Omaha might want that pattern?

    My major goal today is to get a bulky dresser out of here. It's full of interafaicng, hand sewing stuff, and class stuff. So it's taking a lot of re-organizing. But when it's gone I'll have room to permenantly set up a second sewing machine...good motivation!

    Happy cleaning!