Tuesday, December 04, 2007

If you held the microphone...

I have this thing about T-shirts...

I often see T-shirts with funny sayings, snarky comments, sometimes offensive, yet hilarious statements... and I think to myself "Would I want that to be my message of the day?" The answer is usually "No", unless I would be willing to let a stranger make a snap judgement about me based on that T-shirt.

So, sometimes, when I sit down to write a blog entry, I imagine that the whole world is silent, and that there is one universally understood language. I step up to the podium, and take the microphone... I have just a few minutes to make an impact.

What do I say?

If I say it, what is my goal, my pupose, my wish for everyone within earshot?

Well, I probably already said some version of it in my post on Lacemaking and What We Can Learn from Spiders. There is something so unique and special about a spider's own ergonomic study that leads him/her to design and create their own custom web; it speaks so beautifully to our unique desire to create beautifully customized garments and furnishings for ourselves. It explodes from our souls in even the most dismal of environments and circumstances. It is a necessary communication, and, as much as we need to create, the things we create NEED to be created.

If the world handed you a microphone, what would you say?


  1. Your blog is really evolving. You've got all kinds of things going on here, really interesting. I love the statement you made, "the things we create NEED to be created"! That is sort of the way I felt for so long. I kept feeling like I needed to create something and that feeling kept nawing at me. Finally it was like a little voice inside me said why don't you start back sewing; and that is what I did. Even though I have had some frustrating times, all and all it has been SO enjoyable!

  2. Thats a big question! but i suppose what i want to say is on my blog!!

  3. Interesting blog. Come by and check out me and my daughter's blog if you have time!

  4. I would say:

    "I am woman:
    See me hold a cleint meeting, take Pliates class, maintain my finances, sew a dress, change a tire, have dinner on the table before 8pm...
    Oh Yeah...ROAR!"