Sunday, December 30, 2007

Beware... fashion and video game lovers

I used to have a problem. A serious addiction.

I was a video game fanatic.

Now, they have come out with the perfect marriage of video game and fashion. I have loved the Sims forever... but have no time for them now. This version could seriously lure me back to the dark side.

But I will not buy it... promise.


  1. OOoooh Mimi, we have something else in common!!! I was a SERIOUS Sim head!!! It was so bad I had to buy a new computer when Sims 2 came out because the one I had wasn't compatible! Uh-oh I think I have a problem on my hands....I hope my sister doesn't find out. She hasn't gotten over her addicition.

  2. Yes, I know about the new computer thing (Sims 2)... I won't say we bought a new one to play the game, but the timing was... shall we say... coincidental?

  3. I was addicted to Sims 1, so when we got Sims2 I avoided even starting. DD2 (14yo) just loves Sims2 and she has been downloading extra clothes etc from other sites. I am sure she would love this!