Saturday, March 15, 2008


I do know that one day (and probably sooner than I'd like), I will look around, and find myself free to eat my lunch on my own, take a walk, take a full shower that lasts as long as I choose, end a phone conversation naturally (not with a scream, and a mad dash to avert disaster or resolve some problem) and possibly linger a while at a bookstore. Right now, I can't imagine it.

With months to go in this crazy therapy schedule for my son, I am feeling like the smallest tasks are nearly impossible. The strange side-effect of that, though, is that the things of importance that I do plan, are so meticulously calculated, that anything of great significance is getting done, with fanatical precision.

Too much to do... feeling stuck in one spot... I'm developing a strangely obsessive, inflated concern over how long my tea steeps, as an example, and my daily lists of priorities are ever shifting in strange directions...

If you can believe it, I started this post on February 13th...

It isn't all bad, though. I am about 10 rows into my DNA scarf, with my actual chosen yarn! I did have to make some changes to the pattern to suit my vision for how I want the finished product to look, but I have redone the formula and tested it, so I know it works... and, I have a long time to work on it, so there are no worries there.

Over the past few weeks, we have been going to doctors, having meetings, and doing evaluations for our son like mad... but he is amazing us with his progress every day, and it looks like we have found some huge pieces to his medical puzzle... It is is all pretty amazing, and if you weren't here to see it with your own eyes, you just wouldn't believe it... so if you've been praying for him/us... it has obviously worked so far, and I thank you and Him both! We've still got a lot more to do, but we're getting closer to some answers and some school choices for the Fall.

So, tonight, I am up late, answering some emails, trying to schedule my week, blogging a bit, and making Aaron a little baseball shirt, on which I photo transferred this little character, to celebrate his mood lately, and his recovery from a horrible flu-like sickness that spiked to a 104.1 fever a few days ago (yeesh).

I really spent a lot of quality time with my husband and kids this weekend. I've never been so tired... or so happy.

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