Friday, March 14, 2008

Waisted Effort

It is no secret that I don't believe in making things you can easily buy. I have long been purse-challenged, and have made the occasional all-purpose bag, which I usually ending up carrying for years beyond its intended life.

And, although I really try to be stylish, the fact is, no one has topped the utilitarian tool that is known as "The Fanny Pack". But you really can't be more out of style than that, can you? Life with my disabled son requires two hands, and I am constantly flipping my purse over my shoulder, tossing it aside to help tie a shoe lace, or steady him before climbing a staircase...

I thought my solution would be to make some sort of invisible fanny pack that I could rig below my waist, and live my hands-free lifestyle again in the Spring, but it turns out, someone has made something I can and would actually buy. they are called "Waist purses". Am I the last to see these?

The link, with very sharp, enlargeable pictures, is below. I'm a fan of the black lace-up.

La Cintura Waist Purse

And, since they come in leather or suede, I can just keep one for a long time.

Get this... you can wear it around your waist, over the shoulder, or across the chest, like a messenger bag. Anyone wondering what to get me for my upcoming birthday? Hint, hint...

And what a cute name it has... "La Cintura"!

So great, I hope this starts a fashion revolution...
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  1. You know...I don't think its the fanny pack that is out of style per se. It is all bout how its worn. Louis Vuitton came out with a very popular version like 2-3 years back.
    I think that version is cute too.
    I just think its a no-no when your you a tourist with Bermudas, high tube socks, a visor, and big ole camera.

  2. It's about time, really! It's so annoying wearing a purse that is constantly falling off the shoulder when you're trying to get groceries or navigate through a busy place. I sometimes wear a back pack, but then it's annoying to get something out of it. I hope you get one!