Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pictures... sanity check?

I really love to laugh. And who doesn't?

I suppose, if I were crazy, I would be the last one to know. These are the things I've found fall-down funny over the past few days...

Some years ago, before we had children, my husband and I were spending a lazy Sunday afternoon at home, reading the newspapers, (as usual) when I decided to share the story I was reading (wink, wink).

"You, know those "Glamour Shots" studios in the malls, that are so popular right now?"


"We'll they're doing really well -- giving the old established department store portrait studios like Sears and JC Penney a run for their money."


Sensing that he wasn't listening, I decided to embellish the story on my own.

"Well, it seems that Sears is fighting back now. Can you believe that they will actually let you pose nude for your pictures now?"

"Mmm, hmmm..."

"But they forgot that people would want different backdrops and lighting, so you're still stuck with the bookshelves, the inverted wicker trash can, the laser beams... under pretty bright lights, so, you know... not so sexy, really.

And... well they still have the same photographers, who aren't very experienced with that stuff, so the options are still that double-image thing with your profile in the upper corner, your head resting on your hands with the fake rose, or hands folded in front of you..."

He didn't even crack a smile. No reaction.

He actually believed me?

This made it hysterically funny, and, burying my face in the newspaper, I went on...

"If you want to go in an artsy direction, they will let you name the photo... like "Nude in front of bookcase" (Nude descending staircase), or whatever famous work you might want to spoof..."

To this day, still not a funny idea to him. I still go into fits of laughter remembering that exchange.

Second thought...

In high school, we got a kick out of the idea of going to the mobile ice cream truck stationed outside of our school, buy ice cream, and then return, angrily demanding to speak to Mr. Softee himself.

For anyone in any type of customer service field, I think you can appreciate how unreasonable people can be. We thought this was just the funniest idea ever.

Third thought...

Okay now, what is this? Is this supposed to be funny, or is it just too highbrow for me? Grace Jones sings with Pavorotti?

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  1. yeah, I'm usually the only one laughing at my jokes too!

  2. thank you for the laugh this morning! XO