Monday, March 03, 2008

blog.mode: addressing fashion

Yesterday, I had "Mommy's day out", and went to the Metropolitan Museum. I love being able to stroll leisurely through the exhibits in peace, without a time limit, with the freedom to think, all the while being reminded that absolutely anything is worth doing well.

I was seriously contemplating "retiring" from the dressmaking biz after my current clients' projects are done, since I have been feeling so restricted by my client's budgets as well as my own, pushing me to skimp on the quality of materials, amount of time I can dedicate, trying to force the most economical layouts in an effort to keep prices low...

Well, this exhibit changed my mind. I just have to rededicate myself to the best quality workmanship, work schedule and materials the budget allows, not an approximation of something better.

I stopped in on the Blog.mode exhibit, which was fabulous. It was truly inspiring. I almost wept at seeing this amazing creation by Charles Worth,

and this wild Miyake number.

The pictures don't do them justice, at all.

Seeing these creations up close, I could actually feel the hands that made them. There was a uniqueness, a specificity. The beauty of this exhibit was overwhelming. What made it even more exciting, was that visitors were invited to submit comments on the exhibit's blog. Now, I'm sure no visitor will go back and read all of the posts, but the experience of "participating" in this way, added a whole new dimension to the exhibit, inspiring conversations between strangers, and an interactive feeling that you never otherwise experience in that environment.

Fellow New Yorkers and tourists, I suggest you visit. The exhibit is on until mid-April. After that, they will have a "Super heroes" exhibit! On display, costumes for various super heroes... another great idea.

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  1. I love the idea of the super hero exhibit. What a fun idea.

  2. Me too! Won't that be fabulous????!!!!