Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My love affair with vegetables...

I sew all the time, and I like to use my creativity in the kitchen, too. Lately, with the weather growing chillier, I have started to get hungry, REALLY hungry... and I've been feeling crazy for vegetables.

I have been going to a local Jamaican/Guyanese restaurant to get veggie roti lately, which one of the owners turned me on to a few years ago, by filling it with calaloo, "pumpkin" (it must have another name, since I've never seen this kind of pumpkin before), and chick peas. The other day. much to my chagrin, they weren't offering pumpkin, so I set out on a mission to learn how to cook this vegetable myself. Note: I have since learned that this is also called "kabocha".

I found it! Bonus...It costs all of $1.50 for a whole one, and half of it feeds the family.

Tastes like sweet potato, pumpkin and squash, all rolled into one, but has a natural sweetness and heartiness that makes it a great compliment to fish. I made mine into a smooth, soft texture, like a chunkier, moister mashed potato-like concoction.

I got the cooking instructions from a Trinidadian friend of a Jamaican/Cuban friend, and the result was astoundingly good. Replete with all sorts of slang, I understood her instructions perfectly, and the only unusual thing a person needs to prepare this yummy food, is a very sharp knife. Very easy cooking after that is done! Now its official. I love New York City, and I'm never leaving.

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