Friday, October 23, 2009

Ambitious fashion sewing... or... maybe I shouldn't make my own jeans...

A few years ago, I made a revised version of a client's favorite jeans... They are pictured below.

She worked in the garment industry, so she had access to the right button and studs to complete the look. She was happy with them, but I felt that they looked much harder, in a way that it didn't look like washing would fix. Here are some poor quality shots of the jeans in black denim...

Then, another client asked me to copy some jeans he saw in an old 1970's soap opera scene(he sent me the VCR tape!),but I couldn't really capture the mood of them... what a shame.

I also think that modern denim just doesn't hang the same way... my imagination?

I even did a blog post on a massive overhaul of my store-bought jeans to create my own ideal fit. But somehow, they always fell short of the dream for me. I can make my clients happy with them, but for myself, jeans are much more elusive. I think the reason is that "fit" is not fact for jeans. It is about where they hug and where they sag. It is about being broken in, and responding to your curves (or lack thereof), and cooperating with the movements of your body as you go about your daily life. They are denim sculpture... on a body.

Which, by the way, explains why none of them look too interesting just laid out on the floor that way. There needs to be a body/denim dialogue happening.

When it comes to jeans, I appreciate quality, durability, beauty, versatility... maybe not in that order.

I'm not really a jeans person. Of course, I appreciate what they represent, and even own a few pairs that I wear all the time, but I would never wear them anywhere I run the risk of actually being seen by someone I know and respect. Case in point: A few weeks ago, when I wasn't feeling well, I made a quick run out to the fabric store in my jeans and swetashirt. A salesperson I see often came up tp me, and said "Oh, I thought that was you, but wasn't sure, since my first thought was, "Mimi would never wear that.". I think that was a nicer way of saying... "You look like heck -- did something happen?"

Like most people, I appreciate the utilitarian features of jeans. But let's face it, if you wanted a fabric to deicately grace your curves, denim would not be the fabric of choice.

Having said that, I need to know what high end jeans have to offer... besides the label.

So, you might be thinking... "Well, why don't you just stop wearing jeans, then?"

My answer, "Because they are the perfect garment for so many situations, and when you look at price per wearing, you can't beat 'em... and, cause when they're right, they're really right... and you feel like a rock star!" I don't think I'm gonna make my next pair... but we'll see.

So... after much searching, I think I've found the perfect ones for me right now... and, just like a "good on paper" blind date, I have to go to the store to make sure they are right, and then I will know for sure. I'll keep you posted.

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