Monday, February 04, 2008

On creativity, and paying it forward (again)

As I have said many times throughout this blog, you don't just have a desire to create; your creations have a desire to be created...

Like this dress (I made my own version of the purple one), which served a very important role in my life circa 1995. See my next post for the full explanation, and find out how it relates to my next "Things to Know" entry...

It is crucial to your emotional (and physical) health to make sure you do not stifle your artistic urges. Creative flights of fancy, ridiculous projects, funny, awful, beautiful and wonderful projects can all coexist in your life. The things you make have a life of their own, and they can work in the lives of those you give them to, or those who see them being worn or used. You can brighten someone's day, give them a laugh, inspire them creatively, start an interesting conversation, or change their mood with a simple (or complicated), handmade item. It is worth doing. And, it is worth doing well.

I finished my second "Pay it forward" gift today, and am anxious to send it. The only hint I will give, is that it is related to this post, entitled "A Room of One's Own". The recipient will receive it shortly. This challenge has been such a wonderful gift for me... Mimi's ( reaction to the first one I sent was fantastic. I certainly receive more than I give by participating.

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1 comment:

  1. Creative Diva2:49 PM

    Hi Mimi,
    I grew up on North Conduit St. Currently living in MD. But my sister (Osun Designs) still lives near Merrick Blvd. I remember the feeling I had when I saw the drawing of your mother. I had taken a step back in time, as that could have been an image of my own mother. Now I have a room or rather rooms, of my own, but I think it really doesn't matter as sewing is like meditation for me.