Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Not for Sale

My hero! This was one of my favorite Oscar dresses, because you can tell, she wore it because she wanted to! ... And it really seems to suit her personality. This is an example of the personal expression and individuality I celebrate.

I haven't seen the movie she wrote, but I may... when I can watch it at home... maybe.

Explaining why she wouldn't wear the million-dollar Weitzman shoes on the red carpet, Juno's reasoning was simple...

No one asked her. They simply sent the shoes, expecting her to wear them.

She doesn't have a million dollars, and, if she did, that's not how she would spend it.

I love that! She's not for sale, and that's fantastic...

You probably have a special skill or talent. Something that, when you give it your all, is painstakingly difficult to do, but thoughroughly rewarding. There is no amount of money that it is worth.

There is an infitinite and ever-expanding amount of love, beauty and creativity in the world; and a finite number of million dollar shoes. Today, let's focus on expanding the infinite.

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1 comment:

  1. I love it. 'Because she wanted to'.