Friday, November 16, 2007

On boning...

Funny how going through the Threads stash can remind me of things I forgot I knew...?

This post was actually inspired by the neat, smooth look of Hillary Clinton's jacket on the debate last night.

This one, from Threads #87, February/March 2000. "Boning - Not Just for Corsets" by Susan Khalje.

Of course I can use boning in the waists of my jackets and pants!!! I realize that there is no reason why I should relegate boning to corsets and gowns only... how quickly I can forget its actual purpose!

Susan Khalje... Great woman... fun to talk to. She is also speaks French fluently... (as do I, but I'm rusty) and she teaches some wonderful educational retreats in Paris. When I am able to go away for an extended period of time agian, you can bet I'll go!

Susan's on the left in this picture I took when I attended the PACC educational conference in San Francisco. Next to her is Dominique Fallecker, who is the manager of the "Little Black Dress" store, nestled in the Palais Royal in Paris. Dominique gave a great (and very funny!) speech at the banquet.

And... another thought. Sometimes, potential clients, who are often more creative-thinking brides feel they want to forgo the understrucure of a gown, and simply wear a white dress.

I am changing my policy on this one.

Every bride feels fat in a white dress with no understructure. Everyone says they won't be like the others, but if you care enough to have your dress custom-made for you, take the time to have a fabric sculpture built, and wear that sculpture on your body. This requires BONING. It is important. For the next white dresses I do, I will no longer offering the option of doing them without it. After all, she will be photographed and critiqued all day.

If she truly is an out-of-the-box thinker, she may wear another color. Remember, it and she will both be photographed. White fabric shows every wrinkle, bump, snag, hiccup, mistake and detail in a way no one wants to be scrutinized.

Hooray for boning!

On a personal note:

My son said "Amen" after our dinner prayer tonight... This is a milestone!

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