Thursday, September 06, 2007

Double Helix theory

The more time passes, the more I feel that my life is like a spiral staircase. Not random or accidental, it is a vastly complex information code that is winding tighter and tighter into itself. When I look up or down, I am seeing connections - to places, to things, to ideas...

Well, either that, or I'm losing my mind.

This is "back to school" week for my daughter, and an intense return to my son's therapy routine. I am trying to get everything running smoothly, while working on a dog coat (yes, for a dog), and a very unique custom jacket (for a human). Both are projects for clients. Both are "heart" projects, with very specific stories and connections to things and places that really mean something far beyond the clothing.

That's how I view my life, the people in it, the projects, and my interests - all spiraling inward, connecting, forming some sort of path... where is it leading? I'm starting to see a road.

I spent this evening updating the Find a Dressmaker site. I keep finding things to improve every day, and I have gotten such positive feedback about it from those listed and customers who have used the site with great results, that I'm inspired to keep going!

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