Monday, July 11, 2011


A word to add to your fabric lexicon... "Frankenstitch"

I did not create this word. I stole it from Albedo Design Journal (I can't remember which post, but it was recent). But I do love this word, and think it deserves a place in the sewing vernacular.

Just yesterday, I put on a jacket I made a few years ago, and vaguely remembered ripping the shoulder pads out one day when I caught a glimpse of just how huge my shoulders looked in it... and I know I sewed it up again hastily at some point after that, but couldn't find my own Frankenstitching.

I made a dress for a client this summer, and forgot to remove some basting from one of the appliques before her final try-on, and she pointed to it, eyebrows raised, as if to say "What is this Frankenstitch I'm looking at?"

This word also maks me think of that famous Marilyn Monroe gown, in which she sang "Happy Birthday, Mr. President..." (need I say more) and was rumored to have been sewn into to make it fit so snugly. If done just prior to the event, imagine the Frankenstitching there!

We've all done it, haven't we?

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  1. :} It's in a lot of posts ----thanks for the link!